Delta Yaumin Nahri Journal

Delta Yaumin Nahri Journal: Journal Latihan Oprek 2020. Jurnal ini adalah jurnal latihan oprek kelas dasar yang diadakan Rumah Jurnal angkatan kelas 2020. Tulisan yang dikirim tidak akan pernah terpublish, jadi jangan berharap.


DYN Journal never publish like ordinary journal, example twice a year (June and December). It's not contains the scientific writings of Law, Islamic legal thought and social studies in the conceptual ideas form, literature studies, practical writing, and research results. Its not been indexed at DOAJ, DIMENSION and SINTA 2 (Accredited by the Directorate General of Research And Development of the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education of the Republic of Indonesia Number 30 / E / KPT / 2019).

DYN Journal not published by with Faculty of Ushuluddin IAIN Madura (view more)

ISSN (Print) 1907-591X
ISSN (online) 2442-3084

DYN Journal has not become a CrossRef Member since year 2015, therefore all articles published by Al Ihkam will have unique DOI number.

DYN journal that focuses on this area of law, the Islamic law and law of the moslem research paper at Indonesia Law or Moslem world is a unique forum, also multidisciplinary, international, and instantly accessible for posting (and locating current scholarship in the field). Abstracts, works in progress, and completed scholarly works on any Islamic matter of public or private law, legal theory, legal history, or legal policy or practice that relates to the modern or pre-modern Moslem world are welcome.